How to check or receive pop emails in gmail

Send and Receive POP Emails from Gmail

Gmail is a free mail services provided by Google. It have 15 GB of storage, a huge storage for inbox space. We can use gmail like a Outlook, how we receive emails in Outlook from various POP/IMAP email accounts.Continue reading

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How to check gmail on outlook app

Gmail is the most popular email service offered by google. These emails are much more better than paid email services. we can say there are no others emails better than gmail. The speed, delivery and secure features,Continue reading

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WordPress: get posts/pages from the category or parent page

wordpress how to get a catefory posts

Are you customizing the wordpress and trying to add similar post on the specific location of the page or post. This turorial is helpful if you are fetching a numbers of posts lets say 3 or 5 or something from the specific category on the post page or you are trying to display others similar page of the specific parent on the some location of the page.Continue reading

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How to enable auto download images in Outlook email client


How to unblock auto download images in your outlook email client?
Are you facing the problem like blocking the images on outlook and fed up with clicking on download individual photo by each click in the email? This is a default setting for outlook email client. Please follow the following procedure below to get out from the settings.Continue reading

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Rocket Loader

For high performance websites, rocket loader technique is as a rocket science. The websites may have huge amounts of visitors. To serve those visitors without delaying on loading this method does a bit much more effort.Continue reading

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wordpress – serving images from subdomain

Why to server images from subdomain

While Hosting our images on our own webhosting, this is default in wordpress powered websites. while counting the request (this is the http request sent to the server shortly lesser the request the better the performance. This will be dividing the request to multiple domains) specially in wordpress is challenging due to using multiple plugins.Continue reading

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Speed up your website performance from Zero to Hero

The primary website performance of the website depends on the hosting. IOPS, IO and other capacity such as ram, CPU, server response time, latency and many others factors plus the proper Coding of the website will affect the website performance.Continue reading

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Set metered newtork for windows 10

Windows 10

Do you have a slow connection and windows 10 is making your computer and internet dead right?

This is very useful if you have a slow connection or using the data package tatering. Normally due to Internet speed(specially if you have slow internet connection) or data limit, the windows 10 will be always downloading the same updates again and again, however if you apply any disable process or task they will start again after the restart if the pc next day.Continue reading

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Block Spammer’s IP from sending spam mail

How to Block Spammer Email Sender IP address
It is a irritating and boring when you are getting high amounts of spam emails from the email address which domain does not exist and lots of emails from online. Here i have explained the steps by step easy procedure to block spam. Even if you enable the single particular sender email address as spammer, even multiple emails of sender with lots of domains most of them doesn’t exists will be sending from the range of IP address, so on such cases this will be the most effective way to put them in the spam.Continue reading

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