Best place to buy domain for a cheapest price

There are loads of websites of domain registar, commercial company and tons of affiliate websites to buy domains, Have you gone for the cheapest price in the universe? May be for the first time with the least price so the renewal price will be fat amount.
Lets say if you are running a business just for a year or two only for case its ok, you can do the 1 dollar domain. after the next year when you renew the domain need to go for 15 dollar plus each year for this single domain, will you be Ok? While you can get this done almost half of this. The Company’s website is You will get everything in a free after you bought the domain in the cheapest price such as free domain privacy, free api.
Using the Namesilo is quite simple and clean, you can easily manage dns, for others mx, a, cname management they have radymade template inbuilt you can just oneclick apply template to implement. They are far professional and knowledgeable domain registar. If you want you can try them or transfer your domain to them in easy and hassle free. You can check the pricing of the domains here.

whenever you are using the domain registation, transfer or renew dont forget to google the discount coupons, you can save somewhat on it.

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