How to check gmail on outlook app

Gmail is the most popular email service offered by google. These emails are much more better than paid email services. we can say there are no others emails better than gmail. The speed, delivery and secure features, its the best from the all. Gmail is the first free services who allowed the POP & IMAP available on free accounts. Please follow the following steps to have access on your email clients application. these are the exact same configuration and steps to be followed to get access on any others email clients as well.

  1. First of all login to your gmail account and enable the POP or IMAP facility – In the Webmail click the settings then click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab then check the button to enable the IMAP and POP access of the email.
  2. Now you need the following settings to configure the email on your email application.

Incoming Mail Server

POP Email:
Incoming server:
Require SSL: Yes
Pop Mail port: 995

IMAP Email:
Incoming server:
Require SSL: Yes
IMAP Port: 993

Outgoing Email server
Require SSl: Yes
Require TLS: Yes if supported by client app
Authentication: Yes
SSL Port: 465
TLS/STARTTLS port: 587

Name: Your Name
Account Name/ Username: your gmail ID
Password: yourpassword

These are the requirements for accessing the gmail on your pc. Sometime the Gmail will not allow to access the emails using the correct username and settings for security purpose, On that case they will instantly send you a email mentioning that the login has been blocked due to the security purpose so you must unblock it from the google email link.

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