How to Transfer files through FTP

How to Transfer files through FTP

What is FTP?

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a TCP/IP (internet protocol) designed to transfer files from one computer to another, it can be downloading or uploading. So the application which is used to transfer files are known as FTP clients software. To transfer files between both the computer must have a FTP application, one should have FTP server and other should have FTP client, The server is the main source of storage, where the files will be added and downloaded or deleted from the server. There are amples of FTP clients and server application freeware and shareware. You can try.

How to transfer files using FTP?

To connect with FTP server you must need the ftp server it can be ip address or the domain name, secondly you need the username and third is the password, beside that for normal or plain connection the ftp port is 21. Depending upon the ftp client application features you can drag and drop the required files to transfer.

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