Host your website images on yahoo flickr

Flickr is the most popular photo sharing tool in the universe, handled by Yahoo. Where we can upload, store and share the full quality photo images without loosing the single bit photo quality. They offer one Terabyte (1TB) space to store your images at free of cost. Thanks to flickr for this.

How to upload your images to Flickr (Host your Images)

  1. visit the site
  2. Login the site using the yahoo email if you don’t have create a yahoo account.
  3. Click the upload icon on top right of the page.
  4. Browse the image or you can drag the images on the pages to upload.
  5. check the images settings like visibility and so on
  6. confirm upload to upload to flickr server.

How to publish the flickr images on your website

  1. Browse the image you want to get the link.
  2. Click the image on the flickr listing.
  3. click on the sharing icon.
  4. select the embed tab on the pop up, same pop up please select the right image size of your image.
  5. copy the embed code and find the link of the image, that you can embed as your wish.

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