Rocket Loader

For high performance websites, rocket loader technique is as a rocket science. The websites may have huge amounts of visitors. To serve those visitors without delaying on loading this method does a bit much more effort.

What does rocket loader do?

first of all, all the lightweight javascripts files are combined to make single or few files depending on their libraries. where a different file may be created while combining all the inlines javascript or attached javascript files.

secondly. The combined file will be compressed removing unwanted space and new lines, this will still enable to reduce size up to 15-30% of the file size.

thirdly, the file will be embedded with adding “async” on the embedding line. for example the embedding will be as

if you only also add async to the javascript file, you can see the difference while loading and execution. This won’t be supported on the older browsers. for more making site performance from zero to hero visit here.

a well explained at Cloud flare

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