Block Spammer’s IP from sending spam mail

How to Block Spammer Email Sender IP address
It is a irritating and boring when you are getting high amounts of spam emails from the email address which domain does not exist and lots of emails from online. Here i have explained the steps by step easy procedure to block spam. Even if you enable the single particular sender email address as spammer, even multiple emails of sender with lots of domains most of them doesn’t exists will be sending from the range of IP address, so on such cases this will be the most effective way to put them in the spam.

Please follow the following steps by step procedure

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Under the Mail section, Click on Global Email Filtering (some may have Account Level Filtering).
  3. Click on Create a New Filter. Thus we will add new rule to block the spammers.
  4. Name the filter Block IPs, under the Rules section
  5. Change the From drop-down to Any header, and change the equals drop-down to contains.

In the field below those type in 256.256.256. or the beginning of the IP address range you’d like to block, or just a full single IP address to block just one.

Under the Actions section, you can leave it set to Discard Message to simply discard it, or select one of the other actions.
Finally click on Create.

That’s all there is to it, and you should now know how to block IP addresses from sending you email on an account level!

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