Speed up your website performance from Zero to Hero

The primary website performance of the website depends on the hosting. IOPS, IO and other capacity such as ram, CPU, server response time, latency and many others factors plus the proper Coding of the website will affect the website performance. Here i am going to list some of the factors for the proper coding and developer can manage for the better performance. The performance to make website hero performance.

  • Images: Serve scaled Images size, Optimize the images for web, specify the images size
  • CDN
  • Minify: HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Minimise the http requests: use lower amounts of CSS, Images (smaller images should use sprite)
  • Enable compression: gzip
  • Minimize redirects, minimise request size,
  • Put css in document head, which loading is must require to display website
  • Defer Javascript parsing: put javascript on the bottom so loading can be done after the loading of the website.
  • Enable Keep alive
  • Enable leverage browser caching, and define cache validator
  • Remove query string from static resources
  • User asynchronous resources
  • Avoid @import css

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