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Set metered newtork for windows 10

Do you have a slow connection and windows 10 is making your computer and internet dead right?

This is very useful if you have a slow connection or using the data package tatering. Normally due to Internet speed(specially if you have slow internet connection) or data limit, the windows 10 will be always downloading the same updates again and again, however if you apply any disable process or task they will start again after the restart if the pc next day.

The best idea is to set your wifi as metered network, and it wont be downloading any updates afterwards. You will feel like a lucky, after sorting the internet issue problem. Please follow the following steps by step to set it metered network.

  • Click the start button
  • Go to the setting cog icon
  • Network and Internet
  • Wifi
  • Click the current wifi SSID
  • Click the button to make it metered
Set Metered wifi - windows 10
Set Metered wifi – windows 10

Now its done, it wont be updating anything on this network, you will feel lucky, even the antivirus update will also be noticed through the notification. This is very very useful for slow internet connection.

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