WordPress Installation

WordPress is the most popular PHP & MYSQL based CMS (Content Management System).  Almost all of the popular news sites (ie cnn.com), blogs and websites are made used wordpress.

How to Install WordPress
The installation process can be done by two ways on the server. first one is directly you can do it via the quick install features like softaculous or others types of applications are embedded within the cpanel. Secondly the files.

How to install WordPress with quick install(softaculous)

This method is normally done online from Cpanel by developer, learner or starting on site. Its a easy in resource category.

  1. Explore the Cpanel and click the softaculous app installer icon.
  2. Click the WordPress icon to continue the installation.
  3. fill the required fields such as domain, database name, database prefix, directory, title, site description, username, password then click install.

now its installed now. Please follow the video below so you can be more clear on it.

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